Peace Train.

I’m off into town today, to see a man about a dog, or something. It’s a glorious day and the public transport is clean. It’s also cold, with air conditioning after the warmth outside, but a pleasant contrast.

There is a letter I wanted to send and as it holds some importance to me I was thinking about registering it. I realized it would be cheaper to go into town and hand deliver it. Plus I’d know it got there safely and plus it would arrive today instead of tomorrow. Sounds like a win.

It also means I have a change of scenery for my walking, which isn’t a bad thing either. And I was able to just pick up and go, without thinking twice about anyone else’s needs.

One day I will be able to look at recyclables without automatically thinking how they could be used for packing. One day the indentation in my nail from feeding a cheeky green Eclectus will grow out. One day I will not think of him and won’t even register that I haven’t.

One day.


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