It is one of life’s great mysteries and more than a little ironic, that when your heart is already taken the attention you receive from the opposite sex increases. It is flattering but useless. It is not one of life’s great mysteries that Taylor Swift makes a living writing songs about relationship breakdowns. Since I lost The Love Of My Life views, likes and follows on this blog are more frequent than ever! Someone should write a thesis on why misery really does love company.

My fabulous friend’s are ensuring that I do not feel alone and invitations to stay along the length of the East Coast continue to flood in. For the time being though I am a West Coast girl. Son Number Two is doing really well in school and I am slowly starting to find my feet.

I walked at least ten kilometres yesterday. Out and all along the beach at sunset. It was beautiful and walking home in the dark was cool and peaceful. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was watching three helicopters fly back and forth. I wondered briefly about a shark sighting but heard this morning a young teen had gone missing yesterday. His body was recovered this morning.

Life can change in an instant. Hold on to what you’ve got.





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