I slept better last night than I have for a few nights. Today is off to a slow start but it’s Sunday so I am ok with that.

I’ll head out for my walk this afternoon. I am enjoying it and the positive flow ons aren’t to be sneezed at either. Son Number Two and I walked to the beach yesterday and we talked about school as we walked. He explained what he has been doing in science. Then he told me he is on the school soccer team! I am really proud of how he is going this year, especially with the disruption we’ve endured. It’s good to know he is still doing a sport. Coincidently, Daughter Number Two is playing soccer this year too and it’s very cool that they have that in common.

Things continue to fall into place. It always amazes me that people will complain so bitterly about someone else’s actions and then emulate them. Hypocrisy at it’s finest and integrity at it’s weakest. But haters gonna hate so onwards and upwards my friends.

I still refuse to live in bitterness and anger. I remain loyal even when others would consider all bets off. And I would rather be me any day, with the courage of my convictions, than someone who doesn’t know their own mind or any belief in themselves.


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