So, on the plus side I know where I’m getting married! Ha ha ha ha! Ah, I kill me! Mmmmm….

Seriously though, in my head I am in a very bad place but outside my head I am in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. There are kangaroos hopping about outside and koalas up the road and all sorts of other wildlife and I might be able to enjoy it were it not for the fact I am so so lost.

It is very isolated though. Like ‘The Shining’ kind of a vibe. I don’t exactly know how I’m getting Son Number Two to school tomorrow and I need to get some things at the shops which will involve some ingenuity and quite a lot of hiking I expect. But I can’t hang out here forever and if I’m to get Son Number Two sorted I need to access civilization and get him to school. Because I did not realize how isolated we’d be I didn’t bring provisions. As a consequence we are dining in a gorgeous restaurant. If I have nothing else I still have the illusion of class. (Ha.) For tonight we eat like kings!

Within two minutes of arriving I had a lady sidle up to me and ask if I was with the Domestic Violence people. Yep, that’s how bad I look. She and her son, who is hearing impaired, had travelled here from interstate with her boyfriend who promptly assaulted her and abandoned her with the boy and two much loved dogs that are now likely to be put down. She just wants to go back where she came from. That perked me up no end. No, not really. What a world we live in.

The physiology still fascinates me. Naturally I have the shakes and am dizzy and unsteady on my feet, which makes moving a bit of a challenge. I still feel distant from everything and I can’t think because every time I do it means I cannot breathe. Which would be fine with me were it not for Son Number Two.

Good times, Interwebs, good times.


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