So, regular viewers will be aware that some time ago now someone happened upon my blog by searching ‘What do widows do about sexual frustration?’ on Google. I wrote this post about it. Wow, that was waaay back on September 11, 2011! I mentioned it again in this post . Anywho, it’s still happening. Yesterday. Then last Sunday these three search terms were used to find my blog; ‘stave off dehydration enema’, ‘frustrated widows’ and ‘sexualy frustrated widows’. Seriously. The day before that it was ‘dealing with sexual frustration as a widow’. You get the picture.

Or rather, you know as much as I do! Because I really DON’T get the picture. Who are you? What are you looking for? Are you finding it? If you like my words and just want to come back and read some more then couldn’t you just add my blog to your favourites list? Because my blog isn’t about my being a sexually frustrated widow. I don’t consider myself a widow at all. (Notice how I dodged the sexually frustrated bit 🙂 . THAT’S none of your business!). And I’m really not sure what you are coming back  for or why you keep using those search terms to find me?

If you’d like to let me know then I’d appreciate it. Feel free to leave me a comment and introduce yourself. Or find me on Twitter and private message me. Please. Because not knowing drives me kind of nuts. (But thanks for dropping by anyway!)


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