A Rose by any other Name?

What is in a name? Good question William my friend. Sometimes a lot I think. Getting letters addressed to and being referred to as ‘Mrs. X’ has long since lost it’s appeal. I am not married to Baby Daddy anymore, yet I still have his surname and it jars me when I am referred to as Mrs. Baby Daddy. So, what to do? Well, the answer seems obvious really – change it. But to what?

I have no attachment to my maiden name, and I haven’t used it since I was seventeen. Mrs. Incredible Hunk would suit me fine but since that’s unlikely I am forced to look for inspiration elsewhere. My dear friend Matty opened the question on his facebook page yesterday, which gave me the idea to open it up to the world wide web.
So, friends and strangers, what say you?

Please leave a comment if you’ve any suggestions. Thanks in advance 🙂


Comments on: "A Rose by any other Name?" (4)

  1. Today I took the multitude of enrolment papers to the new school one of my sons will be going to. Because his last name is different to my last name they have requested a copy of my marriage certificate!! FFS!

    I was just saying to M today that I just want to be known as VICKY … That’s it, no other name. I

  2. christine2460 said:

    I think that Katie Is Here would be better than ‘Was Here’.
    I have spent the last 3 days reading through every one of your blogs…….It is unusual for me, but I can honestly say that I am lacking words at the moment. Your journey has been amazing, and the strength that you show in your writing about your journey is a true testament to the amazing woman that you are. I feel honoured to call you my friend Kate. To love is truly to live, and you are living. Love and respect to you Kate, now and always

    • You’ve left me similarly speechless Christine. That you read every one of my posts has me a little gobsmacked! Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort. It is truly humbling. Any friend of Matt’s is a friend of mine 🙂 and particularly one who has made him so happy. As I said in the second to last post the love you share lifts my soul. I have to say that I don’t think my journey has been amazing at all. It was one I embarked on against my will and strength had nothing to do with it; I simply had no choice. In fact, sometimes I think I am still here only by virtue of the fact that I’ve been too stupid to stay down. Writing about things helps. It helps clear my head, it helps me connect with the world and it helps me maintain my passion for words – so very selfish really! I am proud and honoured to call you and Matt and the crew my friends. Your journeys have been amazing because of conscious decisions you’ve made to do things most people wouldn’t consider, and because of your willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of others. So, my love and respect to you in return Christine, now and always x

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