It’s not Easy Being Green.




My Peter Pan, from Neverland,

Once a question posed,

Who is Katie? Who is Kate?

What’s the difference between those?

Quite a riddle, you can see,

For I am her, and she is me.

There are differences, this is true,

I’ll do my best to explain to you.


Katie is the brave one,

Who knows that she can fly,

With faith and trust and pixie dust,

And spirits on a high.

Kate is far more cautious,

With fears that weigh her down,

And nightmares that still plague her,

She sometimes wears a frown.


Katie laughs and sings and plays,

She’s always up for fun,

Kate longs for the end of days,

The time that she’ll be done.

Katie flew across the land,

To join with Peter’s crew,

In doing so, followed her heart,

To which she has stayed true.


Katie has got Peter’s back,

As he battles Captain Hook,

She never will desert him,

Like Wendy in the book.

Life is not a fairytale,

But who knows what is real?

Katie’s only strategy

Is to trust in what she feels.


Kate is only Katie,

When Peter gives her wings,

Kate is only Katie,

With hope of better things,

Kate is only Katie,

When she’s by Peter’s side,

For he brings out the best in her,

From him she cannot hide.


Faith and trust and pixie dust,

They can let you fly,

But without the wind beneath your wings,

You’ll only get so high.

Katie’s Peter’s partner,

His lover and his friend,

It’s up to Peter to decide,

What happens in the end.




Comments on: "It’s not Easy Being Green." (2)

  1. Beautiful exquisite writing kate/ie x

  2. Ah Vicky, thank you for your kind words! Funnily enough, rhyming poetry isn’t my strong point, but I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 ❤

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