Right Beside You.

I’m sitting in a generic, bland waiting room. There are a few copies of The Big Issue and National Geographic on the coffee table in front of me, with a box of Office Max Facial Tissues beside them. I don’t like to cast aspersions but the Office Max Facial Tissues look of dubious quality. There’s a water cooler, five chairs, and two racks of pamphlets. Information posters scattered across the walls. The entire room is only about four metres by four metres, or at least it would be if not for the fact it is shaped like a slice of pie with one wall curved. I am glad to have the space to myself, not only because I am no social butterfly but also because, if I were sharing the space, there would be the possibility of being all up in someone elses business. Not by design, just due to proximity.

The weather here has been pretty extreme over the last few days, very blowy and wet and cold. It is not cold inside though, and I am cosy wrapped up in the Incredible Hunk’s jacket, which still held his warmth when I put it on.

The Incredible Hunk has an appointment today, and I offered to come with him. I can’t attend the actual appointment and The Incredible Hunk expressed concern that I may be bored waiting for him, that surely I’d have better things to do. Once I pushed aside my incredulity that he could even think that I explained that actually no, there is nothing more important that I could be doing.

While we were going through the things we had to do the next day The Incredible Hunk came to his appointment and said “Well, that’s not really ‘we’, that’s just me, isn’t it?” and yes, it’s not something I can do for him, nor do I need to, he can handle himself. The fact is though that it isn’t just him anymore, and things that affect him affect me, because me + he = we. The Incredible Hunk understands that in reverse. He gives me credit enough to handle my own shit, he knows there are times when I just have to get through it by myself; he cannot do it for me. For example the anniversary of my Daughter Number One’s death. While it was something I had to get through myself, I did so with the knowledge that The Incredible Hunk stood beside me. I had to get through it, but I wasn’t alone.

We stand beside each other now. There is nothing better I have to do, nothing more important. The Incredible Hunk is a priority for me. And as entertaining as he is I am not just around for the fun times. Not just there to accept his support. There will never be a time that I am not in his corner, not on his side. His corner is my corner. His side is my side. His best interests are in my best interests because they are our best interests.

And after all the time I’ve waited for him, whether you count it as forty years before knowing he existed or all the time I loved him before living with him, and the amazing positives that he has brought into my life,  how can he really think that waiting for a few hours today would bother me?

What’s in it for me then? HE IS !!!!!!!

(And a handy Eminem article in one of the Big Issue’s 😉 )


Comments on: "Right Beside You." (2)

  1. Beautifully written. I waited for my own hunk for 45 years. You’re right, waiting a few hours is nothing if it means showing love and support x

  2. kate4samh said:

    Thanks for your kind words Katie 🙂

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