I think I’ve used this song title as a post title before but it’s appropriate and I cannot be fucked to check, so that’s that then. It will be in two parts, so hold on to your seat – we’re in for a wild ride. There will be strong emotion and strong language – you’ve been warned.

Lori, over at RRSAHM, wrote a post recently about grieving publicly. She ended with the words “There’s just that deep, black grief… and getting through it. Any damn way you can.” As regular readers know three days ago it was the ninth anniversary of my Daughter Number One’s repeated rape and murder. Just because that day CLEARLY wasn’t hard enough I received the following email (all spelling and grammatical errors as per original):

Dear Kate,

My heart goes out to you today, it has gone out to you every day since I was told what you’ve been through… a day you will no doubt be reliving minute by minute, hour by hour in it’s ugly entirety to mark a time no-one will ever be able to comprehend what it has been like to walk the marathon in your shoes.

By default we know each other… albeit from a distance, which may in fact never change after this message, … if it doesn’t, I will understand.

I don’t claim to be psychic, nor advertise openly what some people may interpret as a ‘gift’.  That it is not!  XXXX only as of only a few minutes ago is aware of it, and I am prepared for what potentially may happen to our friendship as a result.  I am hoping she’s known me long enough to realise I’m not a freak (it’s ok because I sometimes think I am)…perhaps a little wierd, but not totally psycho (but hey there’s always potential ;)).  It is however, a casualty that will be out of my hands, one I am prepared for as I have done with my marriage and other special relationships with people in the past I have lost, so I can remain true to myself.  I have only said this so you can hopefully understand that I don’t take lightly intruding into your grieving space, without what I believe to be good reason.  Well honey, Sam sure as shit isn’t giving me much of an option, and I’m sorry but I’m not having her piggy backing my ass until I eventually admit defeat and do it anyway.

My so-called ‘gift’ is being an occasional ‘portal’ … a messenger girl if you like.  It is very rare that I am seconded…usually only in extreme cases, which I’m not even aware of until the time.  And for Sam it is now.  I had no idea until this-morning…and she has been up my ass (figuratively speaking) the past four hours and is not giving in until you hear her out… Man she is one persistent woman!

She will only come through the once, that is their promise to me and my rules, so I am not an ongoing portal…that is something you have to refine and tap into over time… so go and make yourself a cuppa, grab some tissues coz we’re going to have a chat.

Ok, before she starts she wants you to raise your right hand, ..

Now give yourself a bitchslap mum! And another one for good measure…and then a hug….

I love you mum, I don’t think I ever really showed you how much…to me you were and still are and always will be so beautiful…no-one or nothing can ever take that away mum, not ever.   I have hovered around watching you rot for so many years, I hear your thoughts, I watch you cry and feel your pain and relive what happened day in day out with you…

But enough is enough because I’m not completely the fuck (sorry) dead (she’s pissed off) yoo-hoo I am still here..  I may not be there in person buy hey, look at it as a daughter with benefits… you don’t have to wash or cook or clean up after me.  I know it’s not the same and yeah I’d rather be there to, but that sure ain’t going to happen, so just work with me a bit.

What’s done is done and I’m ok really, it’s kinda groovy over here anyway so will you quit reliving this shit, it’s getting boring and so yesterday.  You don’t even know it but what happened to me happened for a reason, and as my legacy we are both now working as a team so other people can get help.. It is through my story…our story mum, that they are doing that.  I know you can’t see me, and your pain and guilt numbs you from being able to feel or hear me, but I am here.  Talk to me sometimes, come for a walk or write me a letter… hell take me for a burger, and you will feel me come through (yeah journal idea was mine so don’t blame XXXX or XXX).  I’ll play a song on the radio sometimes and you’ll know it’s me, just listen…listen with your mind’s eye… and smile, please smile, I loved your smile.  Ok that’s all…oh one other thing I love you lots and lots and to the stars and back and around the moon… Big hugs mumma… I’ll be here and dry your tears, I’m not going anywhere.


I don’t know what to say now Kate… it is what it is and up to you if you choose to take it on board or not.

I hope you’re ok and we do get to meet one day, which if it is meant to happen, will, in it’s own time and space.

Whatever will be will be.

Take special care.

Ok then. Just to get you guys up to speed you should know that I HAVE NEVER MET this person. They are a friend of a very recent friend. To say that receiving such an email, particularly on that day, was distressing in the extreme would be an understatement of mammoth proportions. The sheer audacity that this stranger had in offering her unsolicited fantasy is breath-taking. I am not discounting that there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio. I am open-minded about most things. But today I am not. Today I AM ANGRY.

Let’s break it down blow-by-blow, shall we? Because that’s what it felt like, the first time I read it; physical blows to my body that left me violently shaking and nauseous and crying, not to mention the instant upgrade to pounding headache that came with it. I already had the usual bonus physical symptoms anyway. The all over soreness and stiffness from holding tension in my body, even as I slept; the shaking and the headache were constant too, but now increased exponentially. The roaring of a deluge of flashbacks filled my head; “They are both gone.” “You won’t need to identify the body, but we are sure it’s her. Can you tell us where her dental records are held?” “Were you thinking cremation or burial?” and on and on and on and on. And I forwarded the email to The Man I Am In Love With (hereafter referred to as The Incredible Hunk) and ran from the room. The Incredible Hunk’s Daughter had a pupil free day so was at home with us and I didn’t want to collapse in front of her.

When I had calmed myself enough to read it again incredulity slammed me.  What this COMPLETE STRANGER had felt compelled to share with me, on the ninth anniversary of my Daughter’s death was that the first thing my Daughter wanted to give me, after nine long years, was a “bitchslap mum! And another one for good measure”. Righto. That’s worth repeating really, just so we can all get our head’s around it. The first thing my beautiful, kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, gentle Daughter, who left my life nine years ago and now has the opportunity to finally make contact with me, wants, is to get me to give myself a “bitchslap mum! And another one for good measure”. Well, guys, I’ve got to tell you, that WAS worth waiting for!

This COMPLETE STRANGER feels the need to share with me that my Daughter doesn’t think she ever really showed me how much she loved me.

“I have hovered around watching you rot for so many years”

“look at it as a daughter with benefits… you don’t have to wash or cook or clean up after me.  I know it’s not the same and yeah I’d rather be there to, but that sure ain’t going to happen, so just work with me a bit” – Gosh, silly me! All these years I’ve been thinking about my Daughter’s death in such negative terms. I really should thank the author for showing me the silver lining, glaringly obvious to me now really. “A Daughter with benefits” – the benefit, of course, being that she’s DEAD. That she died a brutal, violent death after hours of sexual assault and psychological torture. And the glass half full thing is that I don’t have to wash or cook or clean up after her, or any of the other things that MOTHERS do for their CHILDREN. Imagine the financial benefits! The money I’ve saved on university fees and wedding day expenses. Not having to buy birthday presents for the pesky grandchildren she may have one day given me. I did have to shell out for a coffin and a funeral, and plan the whole thing, but instead of my despair that these were among the last things I would ever be able to do for her I should have been jumping for joy that I’d been let off so lightly. Instead of the wake I couldn’t bear to have I should have planned a party. It’s amazing this has never occured to me before.

“It is through my story…our story mum”

“XXXX only as of only a few minutes ago is aware of it, and I am prepared for what potentially may happen to our friendship as a result.  I am hoping she’s known me long enough to realise I’m not a freak (it’s ok because I sometimes think I am)…perhaps a little wierd, but not totally psycho (but hey there’s always potential ;)).  It is however, a casualty that will be out of my hands, one I am prepared for as I have done with my marriage and other special relationships with people in the past I have lost, so I can remain true to myself.” – I can’t tell you how pleased I am for the email writer that they prepared themselves for any consequences TO THEMSELVES. Because they clearly had scant regard for any consequences their actions may cause me.

The Incredible Hunk responded to the writer by email. I won’t bore you with the transcripts but while repeatedly and creepily calling me a ‘beautiful person’ (HOW WOULD THEY KNOW?) they also suggested that The Incredible Hunk was not concerned with my best interests and reminded him that it was between my Daughter and I, not the writer, or The Incredible Hunk or anyone else – IRONY MUCH? Actually, that is not correct. While completely true that it has nothing to do with the email writer at all, it actually does have something to do with The Incredible Hunk because he is my partner. He is there for me. He stands by my side and travels with me along a not so easy road. He absolutely has a vested interest.

So, over to you, dear readers. I’d love to hear what you think. And tune in for Part Two tomorrow, which will be on a much more positive note. I’ll catch you then!


Comments on: "Whatever gets you through the night – Part One." (23)

  1. This infuriates me to know end. I believe that some people do have the ability to speak with the spirit world but those with a true gift would never ram it down your throat, especially not on such a day as her anniversary.

    Reading the email (without knowing where you were going with it) all i could think is ‘what the hell? sam never talked like that. Even around her friends she barely said a swear word. The girl had class. And bitch slap? really..? what a faker!’

    So I dont know who this person is but if I ever crossed them in a dark alley way, they’d freaking regrey it! Dragging my best friends name through that load of bollocks and the pain caused to her family from reading it! Fuck you, pathetic stranger. Fuck you.

  2. I’m kind of gob smacked… and a tad angry for you… and.. gob smacked…

  3. Oh Kate. Just oh, oh, oh. That is my worst nightmare coming true, someone coming in and stepping all over everything you have like that. How dare they?! I am just shaking with anger- it started as soon as I read that horrible ‘bitchslap’ bit.
    I’m just flabbergasted someone would even dare overstep the mark like that. What bullshit. I’ll share this now Kate. Massive, massive hugs, and I am so glad your Hulk stepped in for you- he sounds like a top bloke 🙂
    I can’t even describe in ladylike language what I’d like to say the busybody who wrote this. My God. Has she never suffered any real loss? Has she no compassion?
    Much love xxxxxxx 😦 oxoxoxox

  4. You need to tell me who this pond scum is so that I can raise my right hand and slap her then slap her again just for good measure!

  5. Holy shit, Kate.

    This is INEXCUSABLE AND DISGUSTING. I am so very sorry you had to deal with such inane garbage on such a very wickedly hard day.

    Love and love, to you. And power. I like the sound of your Hulk.


    • kate4samh said:

      Thanks Eden, feel free to share the link 😉 The more MY truth gets around the better I’m feeling. ❤

  6. What a horrible email to receive! Cruel, unthinking and mean. I don’t know you (Lori from RRSHM posted the link), but I’m so sorry this horrid person stomped all over your grief with such a hurtful, selfish message. I’m so sorry for your loss & I’ll be thinking of you.

  7. So sorry for your loss, it is unthinkable any body could send you that message on , like Eden said, the wickedest hard day. My thoughts are with you. I came from Lori’s link too.

  8. Oh my dear God.

    This is offensive beyond words.

    I am so sorry our species includes someone who could do this.

  9. How does this fucktard SLEEP at night?

    How can they justify the hurt and rage their sick words have caused?

    I can’t speak for rage and shame that another human being could be sadistic and cruel enough to send you this.

    Much love xx

  10. I’m so sorry.

  11. Oh my god. Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I have read this outrageous story and feel physically sick. I can’t imagine how awful this must be for you.

    This is my first time commenting on your blog. I don’t really comment anywhere much but couldn’t read this and not say something.

    My condolences for your massive loss. I am glad you can see the crazy email for what it is.


  12. Wow. I’m here from Lori’s and blown away. I am so so sorry this person felt like they needed to say these things to you. Even if they had 100% believed in what they were doing, they should have emailed you first and asked if you were ok with them sharing their “knowledge” with you. Either way, the whole thing made ME mad, so I can’t imagine how you feel. I am so sorry.

  13. First off, I want to say how deeply sorry I am for the loss of your daughter (and the manner of that loss). I didn’t know that part of your history. That has to be the hardest possible loss to endure. I can’t imagine your grief (and your strength, for continuing on). My heart goes out to you.

    I’m sorry someone so carelessly stomped all over something so private and sensitive. I have no words. I can’t imagine what they were thinking. It’s a violation on so many levels, and inexcusable.

    Much love to you, Kate. x

  14. Kate, after I left my comment I realized that I had read your story, last November during the Speak Out campaign. In fact, of all the stories posted that day, yours was the one I could not get out of my head. It hit me so hard. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how it is that I didn’t remember that when I first clicked on your post above. I think I blocked it out, honestly. I was in the throes of PTSD and I remember being deeply unsettled by reading it (and the rest of the posts).

    I wanted to explain that to you so you didn’t think my comment above (about not being familiar with your story) was because I didn’t take it in when I first read it. Quite the opposite. I was gutted. The mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? x

  15. Ok so I read the rest of your post today after being completly appalled by the email. I wish you and your family all the best given you have had such a tragic thing happen. I applaud your bravery in sharing so much of yourself with the world, and sm inspired by your strength at such a difficult time (anniversary)

    I hope that your mutually friend gives this person the old go-go-gadget bitch slap. It sounds like this person needs some psychiatric help.

    I’m gobsmacked, disgusted and sad. I cannot fathom how you are feeling but have been praying for you and your family.
    Hugs from Melbourne

  16. Wow..just wow! Sorry for your loss (and the idiots that we sometimes must endure in life!) Prayers to you.

  17. JAT (Tony M) said:

    Oh Kate! HOW DARE THEY! Claiming to be “a friend of a friend”, supposedly therefor “a friend by proxy”. CRAP. They are most likely not even your friends friend, and if they are I hope your friend sees this and takes some action. I AM your friend. As a friend, I need you to tell me if this fraudster claims to be one of my friends, so I can expose them and make sure that none of my friends have any relationship with this person, at any level. To do this to you, they are surely no friend of mine. I’d like to get my hands on their email address (I’ll ask The Incredible Hunk to send it to me).

    • kate4samh said:

      Firstly, I am thrilled to hear from you. Secondly, your words touched me. Thank you. Sadly, this idiot actually IS a friend of a friend – a recent friend of mine – but their friendship is long standing and my friend stands by that. I am of a similar mind to your good self about what I’d do in a similar situation, but not everyone can be us 🙂 Lots of love to you and yours and thanks again x

  18. Harley A said:

    What a fucking moron, self important bitch who just wanted to get her two cents in and try not to feel like an insignificant little speck of a person!! And as you said you haven’t been rotting from my view you’ve looked better and better as time goes on. What an absolute slapper

  19. […] the fan page I’ve set up is almost as cool as seeing how many people read my ‘Whatever gets you through the night’ […]

  20. […] people can be. It blows my mind. As many of you would remember there have been previous examples of people using my Daughter’s death for their own agenda’s. Full of their own […]

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