The Man I Am In Love With stirred beside me this morning and I reached out to touch him, then felt his touch in return. It was early, so with coffee made we sat and watched Doctor Who on DVD. During a cigarette break outside I sat in the cool predawn air and listened to him speak, before returning to watch the rest of Doctor Who.

Time to get the day started, so with children staggering their waking and emergence from their bedrooms we set about the morning routine which includes sorting three parrots, one galah, a rainbow lorikeet, a goat and two Great Danes, as well as the dog we are currently caring for. The Man I Am In Love With was playing his music and singing along as he worked. Into the midst of this arrived some lovely young friends, going  on a weekend away, to drop off their beagle we are babysitting for them.

Once everyone was ready we piled into the car to drop The Man I Am In Love With’s Daughter off, to work with the horses at the place she takes her riding lessons, before continuing on to cricket coaching with my Son Number Two and The Man I Am In Love With’s Son. The Man I Am In Love With turned on the car stereo – loudly- and he and his Son sang along. Then He played a mix cd I’d made for him, and Lola by The Kinks blasted from the speakers. As we pulled into the cricket carpark Bob Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm was playing and three of us were in gales of laughter as T.M.I.A.I.L.W. ad- libbed to the lyrics.

It really doesn’t get much better.




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