It’s that time of the week again – linking to Eden’s FRESH HORSES. One day I might actually work out how to do the button thing, but clearly not today.

Eden asks about other bloggers we connect with, on whatever level. In no particular order;

For me there are a few standouts. Edenland goes without saying, and through Eden’s blog I happened upon Lori at Random Ramblings of A Stay at Home Mother. So much of what Lori has to say resonates with me.

Tired Dad writes beautifully, loves his Excellent Children and his cynicism and sarcasm remind me of someone dear to my heart.

Fosterhood in NYC – Foster care is a subject close to my heart and this chick thinks outside the box. For every foster parent who has been told they are ‘too attached’, as if that could be a bad thing.

The always delightful and often insightful Courtney Beck , who really put herself out there in her quest for love.

Lastly but not leastly, Doctor Di – because she is my real life sister, and although we are very different people and have much distance of varying types between us she is the only one who has travelled our childhood and mother with me. And she writes good and I’m proud of her.

I can’t wait to read everyone elses recommendations!


Comments on: "Who are the people in your neighbourhood?" (10)

  1. Thank for sharing your list and opening my eyes a little wider to the blogs out there. I am also love finding out why people read the blogs they do. – Deb from Bright and Precious

    • Thanks Deb, after a day of high drama I’m looking forward to unwinding with some bloggage, so I’ll pay you a return visit 😉 !

  2. Lori is so amazing, isn’t she?

    • Totally amazing. Honest and real and amazing. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!

  3. How cool that your sister is also a blogger!

  4. I’ve been at this blogging thing for almost five years. There is so much that I love about it. The downside? I fall in love with a blogger and he/she pulls the plug, gives up, tires of the whole thing. The upside? There are so many new ones to discover. Thanks for your list. I like Lori’s blog, too.
    P.S. I see you have Cake Wrecks in your blog roll. That is my go-to site when I have the blues.

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me some blog love 🙂 I am going to visit Courtney Beck I could do with some inspiration in putting myself out there to find love

    Love your blog

    • Aw thanks 🙂 ! Courtney’s story is not your usual girl meets boy but in sharing with her you realise her themes are universal. She’s a great chick- enjoy! And good luck in your quest 😉

  6. Thank you so much for taking part … you’ve linked to a few that I don’t know, will be taking a look fo sho.

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