I love Valentine’s Day. Not that I think expressions of love and appreciation should be confined to one day a year, just that any celebration of love can’t be a bad thing in my opinion. I’ve loved Valentine’s Day for as long as I can remember, even when I’ve been single – sometimes especially when I’ve been single; it’s just so hopeful and I’ve never thought it was exclusively the dominion of those romantically involved. Love in all it’s forms – platonic, parent and child, whatever – is worth celebrating! It’s also never been about waiting for cards in the letter box or flowers delivered to the door. Like Christmas, for me it is about letting the people I love know about it and (hopefully) making them feel special.

There’s nothing quite like searching for and finding the perfect greeting card – and much as I love the interweb I still go old school with hard copy instead of e-cards. There’s something about having the envelope in your hands and opening it. The feel of the card in your fingers. Well, for me there is anyway, tactile beastie that I am. And of course selecting a gift. Nothing altruistic about me. It’s fun for me! So I’d been planning for this Valentine’s Day for a while. I’d picked up something small, found the perfect card and taken some photo’s in preparation. The present was coming from overseas so I’d ordered, I thought, to have it arrive in time. Except it hadn’t. Gah! Oh well, you’ve got to roll with the punches, so I resigned myself to having it arrive at a later date. Except in the middle of the day Auspost arrived with a parcel! Yeeha! To top things off nicely I think The Man That I Am In Love With actually liked my gift. It would’ve taken the shine off for me somewhat if he hadn’t, but I think he did. Combine that with the parcel actually turning up on time when I’d resigned myself to it being late and that was my Valentine’s Day made.

The Man I Am In Love With’s Daughter was with us yesterday for her birthday. Fresh from the thrill of receiving her first proper Valentine, from the traditional secret admirer, she turned to me and asked if I’d received one. When I said no she felt sorry for me, but I said to her ‘Really, what more could your Dad give me, that he hasn’t already?’ and that is the truth.

Today is a week until my Daughter Number One would have turned 23. I’ll never know her at that age, and can only imagine at her potential never realised. Would she be finished studying? Building a career? Travelling? In a relationship? Thinking about settling down? Too early for grand children I think, she had too much she wanted to do, but still, the potential.

So, a day to let people know you love them? I’m all there.


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