I gotta wear shades.

So, we went to check out a high school for Son Number Two today. The ‘we’ being Son Number Two, myself and The One That I Love. And, you guys, the school was AH-MAY-ZING! It is a private school and impressive to say the least. They have a massive auditorium/ theatre which literally took my breath away. There’s not much I wouldn’t have given to have those kind of facilities and this kind of opportunity when I was in high school. Daughter Number One also would have loved it – but she did have the opportunity of a selective school and as many courses to foster her talent that I could find and pay for, and she made the most of all of them. Son Number Two has a trust fund arising from compensation from his sister’s death. The trust will foot the bill for the private school. It is not something I’d be able to afford without it. It is bittersweet but I am trying to focus on the good for Son Number Two.

And that was definitely my focus this morning; what an amazing opportunity for Son Number Two. The school is clean and spacious and with state of the art facilities and sea views from the science labs. It has a very structured disciplinary code and only 3 classes in Year 7. Further validation that the decision to come here was the right one. Sitting beside The One I Love listening to the headmaster speak; I’m not sure that I have the words to describe how much that meant to me. To know someone has my back. To feel that support and have such evidence of it on a daily basis; it is almost more than I know what to do with. A couple of posts ago I was posturing about needing something more tangible but clearly I am a fool. I’m not sure how much more tangible you can get. The time and energy and thought spent. IT BLOWS MY MIND.

If ever I feel a bit shakey then it’s fear getting the better of me. If all the crap stuff has felt real to me then surely I can let the good stuff feel real too? I am in a good place.  I need to let myself be.


Comments on: "I gotta wear shades." (2)

  1. Peter Hatter said:

    I thought you were sitting between myself and Mal and, other than the one you love, you do of course have my support

  2. kate4samh said:

    You are right, I was sitting between you and Mal. Perhaps I should have said ‘The One I am in Love With’, just to be clear. I know I have your support Peter, in many ways more support than I’ve ever had before. I am thankful every day for same. And you are the one I love, as we both know.

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