I have, until now, managed to remain untouched by the survivalist wonder that is Bear Grylls. My introduction to him this week has been something I’m sure I could have lived without, but I’m almost sure I wasn’t seeing him at his best. In the particular episode I happened upon Mr Grylls was demonstrating how to give yourself an enema, should you happen to be lost at sea, and the only water to hand is not of drinkable quality. The colon, apparently, absorbs water and by going the enema route you can stave off dehydration. Fascinating stuff. The demonstration though, by Mr Grylls, was not at all fascinating. Even with his bits appropriately blurred it made for harrowing viewing and I won’t be in a hurry to watch any more of that series. Where you go from giving yourself an enema, on a boat at sea, in front of a television crew, and broadcasting it worldwide is not something I wish to find out.

It has been rather an educational television viewing week. Watching a police highway patrol program Son Number Two was much intrigued by a search of a car uncovering a bottle of ‘penis enlargement’ pills. ‘Why would you want those for Mum?’ ‘Well, to enlarge your penis I guess.’ ‘Yes, but why?’. I kind of love that he is still naive enough to ask, and wonder at such a thing. I can only hope that wishing to enlarge one’s penis artificially is a concept he never understands too fully. I hope he’ll be happy in his own skin.

A little sci-fi tidbit for one of my newer followers. The inspiration for Son Number Two’s name actually came from a television series called ‘Sliders’, in which the characters travelled to alternate universes trying to find their way home. I thought of that the other day and had to smile at the parallels. The irony of happening upon Bear Grylls, extreme survivalist, for the first time this week was not lost on me either.

At the end of the day you just do what you have to do, to get you through the night.

Happy travels!



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