Learning to Fly.

(For all those who love me, just as I am.)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kate. One day, without warning, Kate’s life was picked up, and whirled around, violently shaken into a million little pieces until it was almost unrecognisable.

Kate picked herself up and dusted herself off, because what else could you do? But nothing felt familiar anymore and she had lost all her bearings. Kate felt lost and scared and alone, but she set out on the road less travelled.

Along the way she met some fellow travellers, who were on quests of their own, because everybody is looking for something – the scarecrows, the tin men, the lion-hearted. They travelled with Kate and became her friends. Things were still hard, and there were bad witches and flying monkeys to contend with. In the most trying times though, there came a beautiful good witch who helped Kate find her way (you’ll never get a munchkin quip from me pretty lady!) .

Kate finally came to the realisation that she was the only one who could set herself free and change the path she was on. So, she shut her eyes and clicked the heels of her ruby slippers together three times and then she opened her eyes again.

And she lived. Maybe not happily all of the time, because no-one is happy all of the time, but she lived wholeheartedly. And that was just the beginning.


Qantas has had some bad press lately, what with one thing and another, but credit where credit is due. Son Number Two and I rocked up for our flight with six large bags, four of which I’d paid excess baggage charges for. Which would have been fine only four bags were significantly overweight. As I struggled to repack to get everything under weight two Qantas staff appeared and offered to help. Help they did by allowing me two extra pieces of luggage, and letting one piece through overweight, and not charging me for any of it. I’ll email Qantas, and let them know of the asset they have in these two employees who epitomised customer service and helped us on our way with a minimum of fuss. One good turn deserves another. Nice one!


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