Taking the long way ’round.

In twenty-four hours, I travelled by taxi, coach, train and plane over thousands of kilometres, through three states and three time zones. It was a long day in a long life.

My taxi driver asked where I’d been and where I was travelling to. I answered and added how beautiful I found the place I was leaving. In broken English he replied ‘Is always the way. You always think someplace more beautiful, more better, ’til you live there. Is like marriage!’

He looked at me and said ‘You look so sad. Maybe some music for you? It help?’ ‘Well’ I said ‘it can’t hurt’.


Without exaggeration coming back here the last few times has almost killed me. It is an uphill battle to fight against the blackness that brings with it an inertia, almost a paralysis. To add insult to injury my computer has died, in a really very dead way. I’m working on a borrowed laptop and thankful for that small mercy but there are things I want to do that I cannot and that frustrates me. I am tying up loose ends. There are empty rooms in this house now, and sounds echo off the walls.

I’ve had enough of my own company though and when the pizza delivery guy bringing me a Coke with my name on it was the highlight of my day I decided enough was enough. I’ve lined up a date to watch my friend play in his new band, and will be meeting another friend from my virtual world in my actual life at the same time. Another couple of real life friends are coming with me and it should be a most excellent evening. It will be fun, and I’m looking forward to it immensely. And there will be music! What’s not to love? Well, it can’t hurt.


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