Just an Earth Bound Misfit.

I am trying to read ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson. Clearly it is a popular book. Many people have loved it. People whose opinions in such matters matter to me have read it and loved it. I, however, just can’t seem to get into it. I have persisted, but it is heavy going. Books aren’t heavy going for me usually. It’s just not happening with this one though. The magic is missing. I will probably read it through to the end, because I don’t give up easily, but I’ll not be rushing to read the sequels. I don’t expect anyone will lose any sleep over that really, but please, let me know if you do. I’ll send you the book; that’ll fix it.

I bought hair straighteners today. This must mean the end of the world is nigh. Also, that I’ve finally completely lost my mind. Because, really Kate? Have you met yourself before? I think I had some vague sort of notion that I’d wave it around my head for a few seconds and it would magically transform my hair. In a good way. Actually, it is a long tedious process of drawing the heated tongs down small sections of hair, over and over and OVER again.  While staring at yourself in the mirror. The novelty value wore off pretty quickly.  They do get very hot too. I expect it’s only a matter of time before I inflict some hair straightener related burns on myself. Never let it be said I don’t know how to have fun.

I did hear a very cool story though, so let’s end on a cheerful note, yeah? I’ve spoken before of the amazing Lauren. My young friend, who after going though a rough patch herself and coming out the other side, now works to help other young people. She came over the other night for a chat because she wanted to share her day with me. It had been a good one. Her story started with someone else. A young boy had found a camera on the side of the road. It looked new and expensive so he picked it up, took him home and put it back together. Amazingly, he got it to work again, and when he scrolled through the photo’s on the camera he recognised Lauren’s parents in one of the frames. Despite pressure from others to keep the expensive camera the boy thought Lauren’s parents might know who it belonged to, so he hopped on his push bike and rode to their house. They did know who owned the camera, which was only three weeks old and worth about $1000. So, the camera found its way home. The story didn’t end there however. Enterprising little soul that she is, and firmly believing honesty and integrity should be rewarded, Lauren approached a local business she remembered had done some ‘community spirit’ type of program, to see if she could nominate the boy. The person she spoke to said they did not run that program anymore but that she should talk to the new owners. So, she did. 

Not only will the boy who returned the camera be rewarded with a certificate and $200 voucher but the business owner wanted to set up a reward program in conjunction with Lauren’s highschool. They also want to run a benefit night for  the school. Honesty is honesty but it adds another layer to the story when you know that the young lad has had a rough start himself and is currently in foster care. The boost this recognition for doing the right thing will give his self-esteem, well, how could you put a price on that? To know that there will be a program to recognise other kids who are doing good things, and that it was started by this amazing young lady who is full of ideas and enthusiasm and an unshakable belief in the ability of one person to make a difference – all such hope filled stuff. And then, when she went home, she wrote on facebook thanking ME for listening to her!

Listening to Lauren share her story was a pleasure, knowing her is a gift. I look forward to seeing what she does next. That’s a sequel I’m definitely interested in.




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  1. OMG your amazing Kate but im not all you say i am.. 🙂
    Love you Loads Kate..

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