I’ve stuff listed on eBay at the moment, and had answered a query from a guy interested in some of my items. (Doesn’t that sound like a euphemism?) In responding to him I called him by the wrong name. Then, because I don’t do things by halves, I posted his question and my response onto the item listing so EVERYBODY could share in my humiliation. Before I realised my error I hasten to add; I’m not that much a glutton for punishment. Although if you ask me to choose between being thought a masochist or a garden variety idiot it’d be masochist every time, but that’s another post for another day as the delightful Courtney Beck likes to say. Gah! Not my finest moment. A shame too, as he’d asked an interesting question and I was curious to know why. After much apologising Ben forgave me and rewarded me for getting it correct by telling me why he’d asked his question. We were talking the finer points of vintage AC/DC records. I was most excited to find particular markings he was looking for, and to discover what they meant. It was like a treasure hunt for me. I love hearing people’s stories and I love to learn new things; the why’s, how’s, the in’s and out’s. Tell me something I don’t know, and I’m in heaven. So we spent a happy couple of hours flicking emails back and forth. We made each other laugh, and I learnt a bit about the items I’m selling. Not a shabby way to spend time, and a definite pick me up.

After I signed off from Ben the AC/DC aficionado the Michael Jackson song ‘Ben’ was going through my head. Did you know that song is from a movie soundtrack and is, in actual fact, about a RAT? Seriously! And I know this because one night, well, it was the wee hours of the morning actually, when I was very young, my Malcolm took me back to his parents house after a night of dancing. He’d fallen asleep in his car in the club car park and we narrowly missed being locked in. We arrived back at his to find his folks still up; big coffee drinkers, big smokers and night owls all, in that family. The movie playing was ‘Ben’. So we sat and watched the rest of the film with them, drank coffee, they smoked. The lyrics ‘Ben, the two of us need look no more. We’ve both found what we were looking for. With a friend to call my own, I’ll never be alone. And you my friend will see, you’ve got a friend in me’ – ALL ABOUT A RAT. Good times though.

My mind goes from AC/DC to Michael Jackson, from entertaining strangers to lost lovers.  Keep laughing, keep learning, keep loving. Keep putting one foot in front of the other ’til I get to the other side. Oh, and don’t try to answer two buyer questions at once, especially when half asleep.


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