People are strange.

So, I’ve been selling bits and pieces on eBay. I love eBay, it has been good to me, and I’ve dabbled in both buying and selling for a number of years. Part of the whole deal is that for every transaction completed both parties leave written feedback on how things went, so future parties can decide if they want to trade with you. I had a transaction over the last few days that had pushed my buttons in a few ways. Firstly, I was allergic to this guy’s eBay name. Books, covers, and all that so I pressed on. Then, when I was speaking to him on the phone trying to give him directions so he could pick up his item from me, he spoke to me as if I was a developmentally delayed two-year old. Mmmmmm. Still, the transaction was nearly over and then we’d part ways. This morning I find he has left ‘positive’ feedback, but with the comment ‘Trains were broken WTF?’.

Pardon? Did you really just put ‘WTF’ on my public feedback for all the world to see? You actually think that is a smart way to resolve an issue? Well, I see your ‘WTF’ and raise you a GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU COCKHEAD. I like to think I am a tolerant and respectful person in general, but I am aware that I don’t suffer fools gladly. This guy seems seven shades of stupid. If he was unhappy with his purchase he could have contacted me via eBay. He could have contacted me via email. He has my bloody mobile number! If there’s an issue to resolve, and by the way all items were sold in good faith and working when tested, then contacting me directly would seem to me a good first step in finding a resolution? I will bend over backwards for people in general and in particular I’d hate anyone I’m trading with on eBay to be left with a bad taste in their mouth. There is always a solution. This guy just shits me; passive aggressive sack of crap.

Before anyone states the obvious I am not only having a whinge to the interwebs. I have contacted him via email, and left a response to his feedback in an attempt to resolve his issue. I should say this issue, as it’s apparent he’s more than one.

His eBay handle is ‘Godshelper’. I suppose there’s the slim chance he is being profoundly ironic, in which case all props to him.



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