Lean on Me.

So far, so good today. I had lunch with a friend and heard about all the positive things he has going on for himself. It was very cool to see him and especially so to see him a lot happier than he’d been the last time we’d met. I had a good time. Each time I push myself out of my discomfort/comfort zone it gets a little easier. Good company helps of course!

Speaking of good company, on the way back I got a lift with my friend Barry the cab driver. As we were pulling up to let me out Barry said ‘Kate, if there’s ever anything you need help with, give me a yell’. As I thanked him he continued ‘Kate, I’m an arrogant type of guy, and I like to keep a certain distance between myself and my passengers. In five years of cab driving you’d be the first passenger I ever extended that offer to’. Well! If I didn’t feel special enough already I certainly did then! As I’ve said, I love Barry. We understand each other. I’m glad he’s not adverse to travel, because he and his partner will have to come and visit when I move.

Just to round things off nicely, at the supermarket I ran into Baby Daddy. He looked me up and down before telling me how smart I looked. I’d actually thought I looked pretty o.k. myself but it was nice to hear it from someone else even if it was Baby Daddy. He launched into a story of losing his phone and being up all night with friends before again telling me how great I looked.

The thing that has made me happiest today though is the knowledge that Son Number One’s care for my next trip away has been sorted. It is a good arrangement which will suit him. Getting that confirmation meant that I was able to book my flights yesterday. All of these steps, one way or another, are leading towards a better place for me.

Like I said, so far, so good.



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