I’m feeling really good today, fresh from a hot, hot, hot shower after de-lousing Daughter Number Two’s hair. Actually the latter I could’ve done without but as needs must. The shower was excellent though. I’ve also had a little bit of time and space to myself, which has been lovely! I spent several hours yesterday acquiring my second tattoo. I’d visited the place a few times to check out their work and booked the appointment at the start of the school holidays as a focal point to see me through. I had some script put on my left hand side rib area, which tickled a bit, but which of course is half the fun. I am thrilled with how it turned out! Well, you’d want to be really. The artists were all very, very cool and their banter as they worked was somewhat x-rated and a scream.

Oh no, I’ve done it now. I’m sure the x-rated above will result in increased hits for the blog, and many disappointed readers. Every time I mention sex or anything vaguely sexual my views shoot up. Someone found my blog by searching Nudistjoe the other week – FOR THE SECOND TIME. But I digress…..

After I was done at the tattooist I strolled down to the beach which was AMAZING. It was a very windy day and a tide so high the entire golden beach had disappeared under crashing waves that came right up the pathways. All kinds of excellence. I love the wind whipping through my hair, with my face almost stinging, and the roar of the waves. All that raw power. The wildness. Oh yes, it was fine. Very unlike me to not have my camera but alas I did not. I took some shots on my phone and although not fabulous they were passable and HOW COOL IS THAT? That you can take photo’s on your phone? Decent ones? I’d not even left the beach before posting them to facebook …….. ah, I do so love the technology.

So, yeah, the sun is shining and I feel good. That’s enough for today.


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