Oh Father!

If you scream into the internet does anybody hear you? Let’s see. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrggghh!!!

To recap; three weeks ago Baby Daddy did not see Daughter Number Two AT ALL as he didn’t feel up to it. Two weeks ago he saw her for two and a half hours on the Tuesday, lunch with the girlfriend and her kids for two and a half hours on the Wednesday. Twenty minutes after preschool on Thursday, even though he’d usually spend two hours with her then, because the girlfriend and her kids were still in town, and an hour after school on Friday – total six hours and twenty minutes for the week. Last week, during school holidays, he had committed to having Daughter Number Two overnight on Tuesday and overnight on Thursday. Tuesday went ahead. Halfway through Thursday, so Daughter Number Two was already aware he was meant to be picking her up, he cancelled as he didn’t feel up to it. I did not hear from him after that, so on Sunday I texted him asking when he planned to see her this week?

I received a phone call this morning, Monday, to say he was at the girlfriend’s place, would be home on Saturday and would like to see Daughter Number Two then. He went on to bleat that he would really like to see Daughter Number Two when it was ‘helpful’ to me, and he would like to get into a routine of contact when she goes back to preschool. GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU DICKHEAD. The only one stopping you being in any kind of routine regarding your contact with Daughter Number Two is your own pathetic, self-absorbed, unreliable, sorry arse self. And what would be HELPFUL to me, but more importantly to your daughter, is if at the very least you did as you said you would and followed up on commitments you make to her.

I will take deep breaths. I will give thanks for the gift that is Daughter Number Two. I will try to feel less stabby. And I will not answer the phone to any of his calls until I can bear to hear his voice without wanting to rip his head off. Which may be a while.


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