Zippity Do Dah

Just so you know, I am over being sick. It has gotten to the boring and frustrating stage. That being said it is a glorious day today, all sunny and shiny. Since Daughter Number Two has gone out with Baby Daddy and his girlfriend (the same one he told me a month ago he was sexually incompatible with, he must like that in his women) I can get out for a long walk without fear of tiring her little legs. Irritating illness aside I’m feeling pretty good. Looking at the rest of the year stretched out before me there are lots of things to look forward to.

Son Number One has a respite camp, overnight to a theme park, next weekend. If I pull a few strings I could have some grown-up time before the chaos of the school holidays. I’ll barely know what to do with myself, but I’m sure I’ll think of something – I’m clever like that. Towards the end of next month I have a big trip away with Son Number Two and Daughter Number Two. I am very excited and looking forward to this. Son Number One has elected to stay at home, and having time and energy for the younger two can only be a great thing for all of us. Plus the fun of travelling and exploring! Yeeha!!

Then Christmas, which I’m looking forward to more this year than I have in a very long time. As you know Son Number Two really struggles with the whole deal. As do I. The build up with decorating the tree, the day itself, all swirling with the ghosts of Christmas’ past. So, this year we are making new traditions and I’m doing my own thing instead of worrying what would suit everyone else best, including Baby Daddy. Should we not have already moved we will be taking off a few days before Christmas. When we get there I’ll buy a cheap tree, we’ll get a few decorations and make the rest. I’ll organise presents that end too, which will make it an interesting challenge for me. I’ve been saving all my reward cards I get for filling out online survey’s to put towards food and beverages. On the day itself we will eat and drink and play and do whatever we like, together. It will be a big ask, pulling it all together at short notice, but I’m confident of my abilities, and I’m actually looking forward to the challenge. It will be different to our usual Christmas, but that is primarily the point! And I’m excited for it, with none of the dread it’s caused in recent years. I have no doubt it will go much easier on Son Number Two; and Daughter Number Two and Son Number One will be happy so long as we are together, there are presents, and there is food. Which is what it is about. The important stuff.


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