A Good Heart

Meeting people on the internet is not for the faint of heart, that is for sure. For the second time this week I find myself explaining to a very good-looking 28 y.o. why I am not ‘the One’ for him. I am just not cut out to be a heartbreaker. The only thing crueller than rejecting him though, would be to lead him on. The fact is that we are at very different places in our lives. He plays guitar and goes out singing karaoke at weekends and my life is full of responsibility. He can assure me that the age difference – twelve years – is not an issue for him until the cows come home but the gap in terms of lifestyle and experience would be harder to bridge.

Don’t get me wrong, it is supremely flattering to have this young, good-looking guy tell me that I am the one he is attracted to. Although, you know, he hasn’t actually met me so I have to take it with a grain of salt. Gosh, it may come to that – meeting him so as to turn him off! Aaaah! But there is just no meeting of the minds, and I really need that kind of stimulation. So, for the second time I’ve been frank and firm. He’s a sweetheart, just not MY sweetheart. I made a promise to myself to be more social this year, and I’m sticking to it – just between you and me it is hard work. There are definite benefits, I have met some lovely and interesting guys, who are now friends. This kind of thing though, where I am hurting someone’s feelings, necessary or not, is difficult. It makes me want to withdraw. But this is life I guess. Like I said the other day, putting yourself out there is inherently risky. So is letting people into your world.

Time to suck it up, take a few deep breaths and decide what to do with my child free Saturday night.


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  1. kate4samh said:

    I do love to dance 🙂 !

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