To distract myself from the raw and gaping hole in my life I opened my dating profiles again. I actually mucked around on the net for a few hours at airports on the way home, finding solace in the familiar. It has been a diversion. Wondering why oh why Mr Gspot would so christen himself, cringing at the correspondent who in response to my wishing him luck in his search said ‘You too Sweatie!’ Sweatie? And here I was thinking ladies glowed. There’s been a couple of decent nibbles too, ones I’m hopeful of being able to parlay into friendships. The biggest amusement by far though, was logging in to find a message from Baby Daddy. He’d stumbled across my profile and apparently thought I looked quite nice, until he, you know, realised. To give him credit, his message did say that he thought my photo’s were good ones. Too funny.

I have also been lucky to find solace in the arms and hearts of my friends. I have such good ones, and why they haven’t yet written me off is a complete mystery to me. It’s a mystery I can live with though, so thankful am I that is the case.


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