Yesterday Baby Daddy arrived at my place to pick up Daughter Number Two transported by his new lady. This was purely my assumption as he had said nothing prior to their arrival and didn’t state the obvious when they arrived either. The enthusiastic introduction to Daughter Number Two out the front of my place was a bit of a giveaway though. To clarify, I am not fussed by Baby Daddy finding new love. I do mind that he had not the common decency to say ‘Look Kate, when I pick up Daughter Number Two today I’ll be with my new girlfriend’. No more, no less. I do not need an explanation, he does not need my blessing. But a heads-up would’ve been nice. Since they were coming to pick up my daughter, from my house.

Upon his return I said to him ‘Baby Daddy, it really would not have cost you anything to just acknowledge the situation, would it?’ He blustered with apologies, and expressed regret, citing the changed nature of our current relationship (read as ‘the fact you no longer let me walk all over you’). And I thought ‘How? HOW does any state of play affect your basic decency functioning?’ And then I realised: it doesn’t.


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