You’re one hundred and two.

My Nana’s birthday is two days before mine. When I mentioned to her that she had a birthday coming up she waved a hand in the air and airily said ‘I lose track.’ I then remarked that my birthday was two days after hers. ‘I know that!’ she said slightly defensively. ‘Do you know how old I will be this year Nana?’ I asked, ‘Thirty- nine years old!’. She looked me straight in the eye and completely deadpan said ‘How sad.’


We were eating homemade orange cupcakes with delicious chocolate icing at the time. The cake of the day at Nana’s Aged Care Facility. She was sipping her usual latte. The activities room was set up with a golfing game and participants slowly ambled in. As I was ordering our morning tea I  had noticed Nana talking to a gentleman with a walking frame. When I came back to the table I was introduced to Tom, who then excused himself. Nana proceeded to tell me what a lovely man he was. She gestured to the male staff member who takes her for her walks and said ‘He’s lovely too.’ followed by ‘I am surrounded’. ‘Not a bad way to be Nana’ said I.


After downing her latte and cupcake in record time Nana started to get fidgety. I wasn’t sure if it was the golfing game she wanted to join in with but things became much clearer when she said ‘You have to go now don’t you? Because I’ll just go and sit with Tom.’  Well, ok Nana, if you insist! So I took myself off to her wing to pick up the photo’s of Nana participating in activities and to drop off her new clothing. The nursing staff actually cheered when I said it was wash and wear!


Yesterday I again went clothes hunting and found exactly one pair of long pants that were suitable. Another consideration in this mission is the climate. It is warm here for most of the year and the climate inside the Aged Care Facilty is obviously controlled, so something that covers paper thin skin is good but in a lightweight material. I’m looking for things like polo shirts but the ones I found in Target yesterday were gathered down the front and had a low neckline, so no thankyou! The plain ones had none left in her size. I feel like I am on a quest for the Holy Grail!!  But if that is all I have to complain about then I guess it was a pretty good day.






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