When you wish upon a star


In an effort to give thanks for the positive forces already at work in my life and to bring more good things my way – Behold! the following affirmations:

My children are safe, healthy and happy.

I honour my Daughter Number One’s memory in every way possible each day.

I am healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit.

Each day I grow (…but not physically!) and learn.

I am in a relationship with someone who is open to exploring the potential within themselves, between us and of life.

I deserve someone who will give me the best of themselves.

I explore my outside interests, like photography.

I am prioritising my own needs.

I am living a life that leaves me at peace.

I am living in a calm, comfortable, home that I can easily afford.

I am planning a holiday somewhere beautiful and warm.

I know that I deserve love and I accept it now.


Ok, they sound good for a start!




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