I am sailing…

I have been adrift on a sea of vomit and other bodily refuse for over  24 hrs now. Daughter Number Two has a spectacular virus, poor little thing. Because she is so little she has no idea why she keeps throwing up and just looks at me with pained, scared eyes. She is such an easy going kid that in between times she just goes about her business but it has still been fairly ugly. She hasn’t been able to keep anything down. It was a long, long night.


It is Wednesday morning and already it has been a big week. We had the follow up appointment with the Neurologist for Son Number One. This had some interesting and thought provoking outcomes which I will attempt to digest myself first, before sharing them. Yesterday, aside from the vomit tsunami hitting, Son Number One started at his new school. All went well, he is happy and actually making friends. Son Number One will be attending school full-time and it is a bit mind boggling that sending him to a Special School means he gets treated like a normal kid.


I have managed to reframe my thinking and instead of feeling failure at what couldn’t be accomplished I am underlining what has been achieved. There is no doubt that Son Number One and I have struggled but we have persevered and there is  a lot happening at the moment which is positive and hopeful.


I’m still looking forward to the weekend hugely. We have decided to do high tea with our little girls- how much fun does that sound?! Writing that down made me remember to ring and book, and we’re all set now! I spoke to a lovely man called Norman at the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport  http://www.stamford.com.au/ssa/ and he was extremely helpful, which just makes me look forward to it all the more. I love good service!


I have a coincidental trip to the Doctors planned for today and I’ve managed to get myself a lift there with my stepmother. Daughter Number Two has not thrown up since 6am this morning, fingers crossed we are through the worst of it.


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