One day at a time.

I’m still here. And moving in an upwards and onwards direction. As usual I’ve gotten by with a little help from my friends. The day before yesterday I received a beautiful text message from Daughter Number One’s Best Friend. We are still in regular contact and I love him a lot. He was writing just to let me know he ‘approves’ of my relationship with the Current Person of Interest. While I don’t feel like I need anyone’s approval it was extremely special to have his offered. It is the closest I can get to having Daughter Number One’s approval and blessing affirmed.


The Current Person of Interest has been, as usual, in my corner. That is quite an accurate metaphor, because he doesn’t attempt to fight my battles for me but stands ready to mop my brow, cheering me on from close by. He never tries to rescue or save me, and never gives me the idea that he is anything less than confident that I can handle my own crap.


I really have been skating close to the edge though. I am feeling that clearly throughout my body at the moment. I have had a constant tension headache for three days now and have felt shaky and light headed at times too. After going to the Autism workshop Monday and Tuesday  I tried to take it easy on Wednesday but still had to organise a visit with Baby Daddy for Daughter Number Two and fill in paperwork for Son Number One’s new school enrollment, as well as looking after all three children. I have stuff on for the rest of the week and will not be sorry to see week’s end.


Another couple of reasons to look forward to the end of the week is that it will bring me closer to the Current Person of Interest. Already we are down to single figures in the countdown! As a huge bonus when I fly down to meet him I will also be getting together with two high school friends and their kids, including two little girls the same age as Daughter Number Two. It is such a buzz to watch my little girl playing with her little friends, who are the daughters of my friends!!


So, slow and steady progress here. Better than stalled I think.





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