Good Day Sunshine

Here we are at the start of another week. It has been a good day today. I have been productive around the house, including cooking a roast lamb dinner and pumpkin soup which is still simmering away in the slow cooker. The pumpkin soup was inspired by Son Number One, who brought home a pumpkin from his class garden. It has been chilly today so totally the perfect weather for making roasts and soups. The whole house just smells divine.


‘ If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman is still giving me heaps of food for thought.  It was further reinforcement for me that to live, truly live, requires choice and effort. Daughter Number One did not have any choice in how or when she died but while she was here she really lived. I treasure her school ruler on which she wrote ‘(her name) LOVES LIFE’, because she truly did. She threw herself into every opportunity and laughed alot and loved alot. After she died I made the choice to continue living, not just existing, and I am trying my best.


‘If I Stay’ also highlighted for me again how important the people in our lives are, how at the end of the day they are what matters. The connections we make, the people we touch, the ones who touch us. I am so lucky to have such a wealth of beautiful people in my life. They are such a gift. My children, my family, my family of the heart.


On her web page Gayle Forman makes a reference to Young Adult Fiction writers not being considered ‘serious’ writers. She also expresses her preference for writing to that audience. This interests me as some of my all time favourite books are from that genre. I have been mulling this over and I think possibly I can understand her preference. I think, if it were me, I would enjoy writing for Young Adult’s because they have enough insight and awareness to grapple with complex ideas and emotions plus they are still open to limitless possibilities and potential. Sweeping generalisations I know but to me it seems Young Adult’s sit on the cusp of their independent lives with everything ahead of them, ready to explore with their hopeful and questioning souls.  


That is what my Daughter was like.



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