The only way is up

 I feel like I made up some ground today. Only baby steps but in the right direction. I seemed to start the day in a more postive frame of mind and just rolled with it.  Yesterday I recieved an email from a dear friend who I haven’t heard from in awhile and last night when I was talking to the Current Person of Interest he said something really sweet to me. I also made myself go to sleep at a reasonable hour last night. So, I think those things all helped.


Son Number Two had a social group to go to this morning and we managed to make the bus and  didn’t have to cab it. By the skin of our teeth mind you but hey a win is a win! After I’d picked him up this afternoon we all played a few different games together, which I really enjoyed and the kids seemed to as well. Daughter Number Two gave me two kisses and a few cuddles that I didn’t have to beg for, or even ask for! I’ve done a few odds and ends around the house, enough so that at least I can see I’ve made an attempt even if no one else notices!! The boys haven’t made any serious attempts to kill each other today. I made dinner, which I enjoyed and no one grumbled about and we are twenty minutes out from bedtime for the children. Again, all good!


Today has been a day for counting my blessings, of which I am fortunate to have many!


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