Nana is settled now in her secure unit in the Aged Care Facility. Her room there, which she doesn’t have to share, is lovely. The whole wing has a much less hospital more homely feel. When we arrived on Saturday Nana was sitting with her chair right up beside an armchair in which an elderly gentleman was sleeping. During the week she had been telling me about a man who she had been spending time with, keeping him company and doing things for. I was thrilled as she was happier and more purposeful than I had heard her in a long time. She kept telling me that he must like her company because although he didn’t talk much he held onto her hand very tightly.

It was warm and sunny when we arrived on Saturday and the nurse led us out to a shaded courtyard to have our visit. It was a great space, warm without direct sunlight and because it was secure it allowed Daughter Number Two absolute freedom to explore. There were a few chairs and a table and we had an enjoyable visit. During the time we spent with her Nana went to the door several times to check on her companion and to show him to me. A couple of times she said to me ‘Well, I’d better be getting back.’ but stayed when I pointed out that her friend was sleeping. While we chatted she told me again of how nice it was to be spending time with someone and how her friend’s face lit up when she kissed his check! Finally she determinedly turned and left returning to her post by his side. Her Mr Wonderful was stirring by this time so Nana set about introducing Daughter Number Two to him. As I returned from putting her chocolates in her room, which she had abandoned outside with the rest of us in her haste to get back to her man, she looked up at me and asked brightly “So what should she call him now?” gesturing to Daughter Number Two and Mr Wonderful. Slightly gobsmacked I replied that I wasn’t sure and shortly afterwards we departed leaving Nana to her handholding and cheek kissing.

Matters of the heart have been a feature of my Nana’s life. Since my Granddad took ill and then passed away she has been a bit short of male company. I am so thrilled that she has found someone to spend time with now, in this most unexpected place, in this most unexpected way, at this time in her life. Really, what more can one ask for in life than for someone whose face lights up when you kiss their cheek, someone who holds your hand tightly in theirs, someone who you can’t wait to get back to? When I related all this to the Current Person of Interest he said “Go Nana!”. My sentiments exactly. I’ll have what she’s having. Oh wait! That’s right – I already am!

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  1. That’s really lovely – go Nana indeed!! So good to hear. xx

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