So far away from me…

Today has been a bit crazy. Busy busy busy!!  Busy in a good way but busy all the same. I was so focused on things I had to organise and get done and remember that I am finding it hard to relax this evening.

This morning I had my hair done, blond streaks/foils/highlights with purple underneath. I love it, it is totally me. The hairstylist looked like Racheal Griffiths and made a brief amount of small talk before working in blessed silence. She did a good job. My Daughter Number Two was with my Dad and his wife so after my appointment I rendezvoused with them to reclaim her. I then went home for half an hour to throw lunch down my gullet in a most unsatisfactory, less than enjoyable way before turning around and heading back into town.

I collected Son Number One from school and ferried him to his paediatric appointment, where he was measured and found to be 187.5cms tall, or 6 foot 2. While we were there the wonderful Doctor thought it might be fun to measure Daughter Number Two, as at age 2 she is theoretically half her adult height. She is currently 89cms, so she also is destined to tower over her poor mother it seems.

After the appointment we again headed home where I threw things together for Son Number One’s weekend respite and waited for Son Number Two to arrive home with his friend who is coming for a sleep over tonight, while willing a reluctant little girl to have a nap. When Son Number Two and his friend arrived it was time to drop off Son Number One so Daughter Number Two and I made the trip into town with him for the third time today before- you guessed it- turning around and coming home.

I have a headache, just from feeling pressured I guess. Plus it has been a very long week with Baby Daddy’s parents in town for two days to see Daughter Number Two, and two visits to Nana. I have just lurched from one day to the next and although I have been productive I am just feeling wrung out.

On the whole though, it has been a good day and a good week. There is much to be thankful for, and a phone call to look forward to and I’m grateful for that.


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