Despite the weather being cold and grey and despite a slight headache hangover from yesterday I am in excellent spirits today. Not in a euphoric kind of way, just in a warm, relaxed, contented kind of way. This happy feeling is like a big soft blanket that I can wrap around myself and snuggle down into.

Things seem to be falling into place in a number of areas of my life. My Nana is getting her own room at the Aged Care Facilty in a wing more suited to her needs today. The respite stuff for the boys has started, and is so far so good with more to come this weekend. The case management stuff for Son Number One has started as well and has already exceeded my expectations.

I have recently pulled together a couple of surprises for people that I love which is heaps of fun for me! I sent my Dad and his wife away for the night up the Coast to see a Queen tribute band and stay at a fancy apartment. They had a really great time, and enjoyed everything. They offer me alot of support and it was nice to be able to thank them by doing something for them they would not do for themselves.  I have a few other things in various stages of planning that I can’t talk about yet but they are already providing me with heaps of entertainment!

I am gaining more trust in myself and my feelings and that is having a positive flow on effect. I am still scared but not as much. I realise I am tempting fate by saying this out loud but that is ok, because right here, right now, I am happy.


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