Today is a good day for thinking outside my own particular box and looking at the bigger picture.  I’m not a big news follower. It makes me sad and erodes my will to live. I am however a huge Twitter follower. The election in Iran and it’s aftermath is all over Twitter at present and it is amazing me again the power people have when we work together for the common good. Marlee Matlin posted a mind blowing video link which really made me think about the atrocities committed in the name of love. Love of country, love of God, love of freedom. I guess this is part of my ‘What is love?’ quest on a global scale.


I am heartened by the tenacity of the Iranians who are speaking out. Their determination to fight for what they believe to be right and their determination to be heard. I am also buoyed by the outpouring of support they are receiving from across the planet, not just via Twitter but YouTube and Facebook ( too. It really is power to the people, to impact their own destinies. Even in oppression and heartache and fear we have choices. It is a reminder to me that although so many horrible things happen in the world there are good things happening as well. There are things that are worth fighting for.




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