Here I am, still bobbing. I had another night of nightmares. To give myself credit these ones were quite spectacular. One featured the end of the world. It is getting kind of old now though. I am over waking up feeling like a truck has hit me.


On a positive note I have hot water again. We have been without hot water for two days and bathing has required many kettles and saucepan fulls to be boiled. I was over that too, so to have a long long hot hot shower this afternoon was blissful. I am really not a roughing it type. If I had been born in an earlier time I would not have survived. Actually that is probably literally true, as I was six weeks premature at birth. However, I meant that I like toilets and toilet paper, and hot water and refrigeration, airconditioning, the internet etc etc etc. I don’t do camping. I am not a getting back to nature girl. But I have my hot water now, and I am counting my blessings.


I am also counting the days until I get to see my current person of interest again. There are five sleeps to go. While we are together we get to celebrate his birthday, which will be very cool, and from my perspective certainly a day worth celebrating!


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